+ repair

  • Each room of the house

  • Radiators and vents

  • Curtains and lamp shades

  • Upholstery

  • Interior windows

  • Light fixtures and fittings

  • All media remotes

  • All interior items are kept in good working order and repair

Gardens and grounds

  • Each area is kept healthy and replenished

  • Trees and shrubs nourished and trimmed

  • Seasonal time table for plants is prepared for

  • Outdoor entertainment areas are kept in good condition

  • Outdoor furnishings and equipment kept clean and in good repair

  • Outdoor furnishings and equipment are cleaned and stored when not in seasonal use

  • Plants that supply the home are seasonal and abundant.

 Pool, Jacuzzi


  • Swimming pool is regularly cleaned including filters

  • Pool water is checked for optimum condition including hygiene, adjusting the pH, chlorine/salt levels

  • Algaecide, enzymes or clarifier if needed

  • Pumps, circulation and pressure are checked

  • Pool heating system and timings are checked

  • All recreation equipment is kept in optimum condition for use

  • Thermostats are checked

Specialist cleaning

  • Chandeliers 

  • Objet d'art

  • Antique fabrics

  • Hi-end media systems

  • Tinted windows

  • Bullet proof windows

  • Photo-reactive windows

  • Electrochromatic windows

  • Antique furniture

  • Jewelry

  • Leather



  • Plants are inspected regularly

  • A program of care particular to the plant is put into place

  • Plants are located within the house sympathetic to the plants needs and the style of the room

  • Regularly fed and watered

  • Plants in their dormancy are cared for

  • Seasonal flower and fauna arrangements are in place

  • Working in conjunction with the gardener


  • All health care checks are up to date

  • Pets are taken to the vet for regular check-ups and treatment

  • Pets are taken to the groomers

  • Pets are cared for whilst you are absent *(to cover holidays and excursions)

  • All pet bedding is kept clean and in good repair

  • Pet diets are monitored for optimum health


  • Contents of cupboards

  • Contents of closets

  • Contents of wardrobes

  • Styling each interior room

  • Creating a harmonious space

  • De-cluttering

  • Seasonal finishing

  • Your collection checked and in optimum condition* (guidelines set by insurance company)


  • All vehicles are ready to be driven

  • MOT, Insurance and tax are up to date and in order

  • Services are performed on time and by qualified professionals

  • Cleaned and polished by insured and certified professionals

  • All accoutrements to the vehicle are kept ready/replenished for use

  • Media and information systems are uploaded and relevant


  • All security alarms are checked regularly

  • All alarm sensors are checked regularly

  • All alarm sensors are clean

  • Motion sensors are checked to ensure there are no line-of-sight obstructions

  • All keypad batteries are fully charged

  • All alarm fobs are calibrated and in good working order

  • All centralised locking systems and their keys/fobs are in good working order

  • All smoke alarms, carbon monoxide and heat alarms 

Heading 3

Heading 3

Here is a sample list of the areas we may manage.

We tailor your requirements to suit your home and lifestyle.